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Deen Kemsley
Exxon Professor of Accounting -- Tulane University
Many books teach readers about Christ; this book helps readers know Christ.
Several well-known people in business and religion have read the book.
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Glenn Beck
Host of the Fox Glenn Beck Show
Richard Mouw
President & Professor
Christian Philosophy
Fuller Theological Seminary
Gary L. Crittenden
Chief Financial
   Officer of CitiGroup
Richard L. Bushman Author
Professor of History Columbia University
David W. Checketts
Former President NY Knicks Former CEO Madison Square Garden
Owner of the St. Louis Blues
David Neeleman
Founder of Jet Blue
Rodney A. Hawes Jr.
Philanthropist & Donor of Hawes Hall at Harvard Business School
Jeff Benedict
Craig Blomberg
Distinguished Professor of New Testament
Denver Seminary
Rodney Jay Vessels
Richard Rust
Professor of English
University of North Carolina
Claudia Bushman
Author and Editor - Historian at Columbia University
Lecturer on Women's Issues
This inspirational book is a powerful collection of personal essays on the power of the Savior, especially when we face tough times. Each essay brings unforgettable anecdotes and intriguing insights that strengthen and encourage all who read them. Trust in the Lord conveys a sense of peace and calm that gently envelops its readers, building faith and healing wounds. Renowned scholar Deen Kemsley sets out to know Christ and experience his love in this sincere and personal devotional book.  Though the story is far from simple, the answer is clear: God is there, he hears your prayers, and he loves you.

The book is unique in that prominent leaders and thinkers from several very different religious backgrounds have all recommended it, setting aside their differences to support the common cause of Christ. Click on the pictures to the right to see what they say.

Glenn Beck, host of CNN's The Glenn Beck Show, indicates that this  book leads readers to the point where "they can almost see his face, and helps them feel the Savior's infinite love for them." Roundtable Inspirational Reviews says, "Each of the eight chapters is filled with warmth and hope... This was a beautiful read. As I place this book upon my shelf of keepers, I look forward to the next time I will find comfort in its pages."

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Rick Chamiec-Case, PhD
Faculty, Calvin College
Former Execitive Director
No. American Assoc.
Christians in Social Work
James H. Quigley
Global CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
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"Trust in the Lord: Reflections of Jesus Christ" by Deen Kemsley

"Refreshing and quietly lovely" -- Publisher's Weekly
"Deen Kemsley draws readers into the presence of the Savior where they can almost see his face." -- Glenn Beck, Fox News

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Paul Owen
Chair and Associate Professor of Bible
and Religion
Montreat College